Let's work on something together!

How this works

You can send an enquiry regarding commissions by placing an "order" of the commission type through the store. When you place the order, please provide your email address, delivery address and payment details.

The product or service does not cost $0. It is a placeholder while I get more details from you on your project. There is a shipping fee charged when the enquiry is sent, but this will be refunded if you or I decide not to proceed with the commission. I will charge you the actual cost of the order only when we have finalised the details of the project and we have agreed on the price.

While we are ironing out the details for the project, I will send over sketches for your comments and approval.

Once we have agreed on the details and I have charged you for the order, no cancellation will be allowed unless we both agree to it.

In the event that I require more time or incur more costs because of additional requests or lack of timely confirmations on your part, I may have to charge you for such costs.

If your project is not a type listed in the store, please reach out to me via email and I’ll see if we can work something out!