Sticker Commission

SGD 1.00
A sticker is helpful for a variety of people and situations:
  • A simple and economical gift to others for your event or project (it's a form of marketing!)
  • Decorate notebooks, handphones, planners, instrument cases, letters, water bottles and more.
  • Kids love them!
Now you can get your stickers designed in my whimsical and cute style!

All stickers are printed on waterproof sticker paper and given additional gloss laminate for further protection and durability.

"Buy" this product with your email address, shipping details and payment details. I will then get back to you with any more details I need and a quote for your project.

This product does not cost $0. It's a placeholder while we discuss the details of your project. I will charge you only when I have confirmed all elements of your project, and you agree to the same. If you decide not to proceed, I can refund any amount you have already paid.

The final fee depends on the number of designs requested and the complexity and size of each sticker.