Watercolor Kokeshi Portrait Commission

SGD 30.00
If you would like a cute, illustrative portrait your family and/or friends, this is for you! Commission a portrait of you and your loved ones drawn as whimsical kokeshi dolls. These make good gifts to show appreciation, too. :)

Please note that the following sizes will be used for the portrait depending on the number of people in the portrait:

Number of people in portraitSize of portrait
1-6 pax4R or Postcard
7-8 pax5R
9-10 pax5R or 6R, depending on placement of people

A frame is optional and will also require an additional charge.

All portraits are painted on 100% hot press cotton paper, with watercolour paints, acryla gouache and archival waterproof ink.

The commission process works as follows:

1) Once an order is placed, I will contact you via email within 3 working days requesting for information and reference photographs. (Photographs can be separate/individual - they don't have to feature the entire group together!)
2) After confirming details, I will work on the draft sketch and send it to you within 3 working days for approval.
3) Once the sketch is approved, I will proceed with painting the portrait. No further changes can be made from this point. This should take 5 working days maximum, but if there are foreseeable delays, I will inform you as soon as possible.
4) Once the portrait has been varnished, I will send it out and update you about tracking information as well.